Watugupit Beach

The tourists who want to look for a beautiful beach, still quiet, and the location is not too far from Yogyakarta, Watugupit Beach can be the best vacation list for them.
If it’s seen from the map, the Watugupit Beach still in one location with Parangtritis Beach and Parang Endog Beach. However, the location is separated by high cliffs. The journey towards this place is not as easy as to the Parang Endog Beach that to go to that beach just need to walk from the Parangtritis Beach.
It is located in Girijati Village, Purwosari District, Gunugkidul Regency. Getting to this beach is from the main road Parangtritis and following to the direction of Gunungkidul. There will be some steep inclines so that the drivers are expected to be careful. After arriving at the Watugupit Cliff, the journey continues to the Watugupit Beach by passing through a steep road.
The tourists will get comparable results because of their efforts to get there. Arriving here, they will be greeted with a white sandy, waves, gentle breeze and blue sea water. However, facilities are not really adequate. The tourists have to prepare their own supplies such as food, drink, and personal medicines.
The tourists who do not bring their own vehicles can use public transportation from Yogyakarta to the bus station in Gunugkidul. After that, they should continue it by the ojek (one of public transportation using motorcycle) or their own vehicles to the Girijati Village until arrive at the Watugupit Beach Tourism Object in Purwosari, Gunungkidul.


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