Do you want to get more than just a vacation? Watu Lumbung Educational Village can be an option for holiday. It is located in Prangtritis Hill, Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Watu Lambung offers such a beautiful scenery in Yogyakarta and an unforgettable educational tour.

Watu Lumbung Educational Village was established in 2003 by Muhammad Boy Rifai who from the beginning wanted to empower and help the economy of the surrounding community through the tourism sector. This place has several areas such as outbound areas, libraries, casual stalls, children’s playgrounds, flying fox, and so on.

Watu Lumbung Educational Village was established in the middle of the teak tree plantation area. The concept of nature is also inherent in building construction in this region. The use of bamboo is used to make a relaxing hut between teak trees. Some buildings in the form of tree houses are made up of three floors with a teak tree that is still alive as a support pillar. From here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill.

The visitors can freely choose the stalls. There are several options in Watu Lambung Educational Village’s stalls such as Wedangan Shop, Sate Kiloan Centre, Lembayung, Milk Shop and other Culinary places.

One of the Watu Lambung Educational Village attractions is tree that build in one of the teak trees. This tree concept imitates with the existing tree substation in Kalibiru, Kulon Progo. Security and safety are not missing from the owner of this area. From the top of the tree, the visitors can enjoy The Opak River and the iconic Opak Bridge.

One of Watu Lumbung Education Village attractions is a tree substation that was built in one of the teak trees. The concept of this tree substation mimics the existing tree substation in Kulon Progo Kalibiru. Security and safety also do not escape the supervision of the manager. From the top of the tree substation, visitors can enjoy views of the Opak River and the iconic Opak Bridge.

In addition to hangout, the visitors are also invited to plant the trees around Watu Lumbung Hill. Beside that, they can also donate books to the library. By donating for minimal 3 books, they will get some rewards like food, beverage, or free souvenirs.

The best time to visit there is in the afternoon because they can easily see the beautiful sunset from the top of the hill. Getting to this place, they can pass through Parangtritis Street from Yogyakarta. After that, they have to cross the Opak River near the Parangtritis Beach retribution and turn left or through the alternative Parangtritis-Siluk road. There will be a signpost to the educational village around 200 meters.


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