Gudeg Yu Djum

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When we heard Yogyakarta, the first thing that appears in our heard is “Gudeg”. Yogyakarta is famous as Gudeg city. In every corner of this city, we can find this food every time (even at midnight). The cuisine made from young jackfruit or in the Javanese language called Gori becomes a special characteristic of this city. Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the authentic Gudeg that have customers all over Jogja. Few branches outlet in Yogyakarta proves that this Gudeg has authentic taste and delicious.

Photo By @fudzlist

The uniqueness of this Gudeg is the special recipe that given from her to her latest Grand grandchild as a heritage. She is 78 years old now, has 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 Grand grandchildren. All of them can cook their special Gudeg as heritage. The owner founds this restaurant started from her house at Jl. Kaliurang km 4,5 Karangasem Catur Tunggal III/22 Yogyakarta.

The taste of this Gudeg is sweet, spicy and savory because they cook use traditional ways. They use an old stove with charcoal to cook the ingredient.

Complete Gudeg consist of rice, Gudeg, Sambal Krecek, chicken, chicken gizzard and boiled eggs become the main menu in this restaurant. The price is reasonable, it around 6-35 thousand rupiahs.

Photo By @gudeg_yu_djum_pusat

Gudeg Yu Djum also provides Gudeg as a gift or souvenir. It also has a varied price. It starts from 35.000 rupiahs (saving package) until 180.000 rupiahs (complete Gudeg, Krecek, Chicken and eggs). This cuisine as a gift or souvenir lasts for 2 days.

Location of Gudeg Yu Djum

Gudeg Yu Djum has three branches in Yogyakarta, there are in Jl. Solo, Karang Asem and Jl. Wijilan. When we found other branches, it means that restaurants belong to her grandchild.


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