Gudeg Bu Tjitro

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When we heard “Gudeg”, we can imagine that it is identical food from Yogyakarta and has a sweet taste. We can find this menu everywhere. Meanwhile, for the taste, not all of Gudeg in Yogyakarta is delicious and worthy served to our family or guest. Gudeg Bu Tjitro is one of recommended Gudeg that we can serve. A plate of Gudeg contains of rice, dry Gudeg, papaya leaf, Sambal Krecek Tempe and Kuah Opor. Besides that, Gudeg Bu Tjitro provides Gudeg in Kendil Packing (lasting for 2 days) and cans (lasting for 1 year). This product provided as the souvenir.

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The Menu in Gudeg Bu Tjitro

This restaurant founds since 1925 and develops without leaving his characteristic. A delicious Kembang Tahu or Ayam Herbal is worthy to taste. An original chicken cooked with ginseng, dry dates, ginger, cinnamon, and secret spices. Savory broth mixed with ginseng. Besides delicious, this food also has several benefits for our health. It can eliminate fatigue and increase the stamina. Meanwhile, a crispy Calamari Hot Ring or ice cream is an appropriate choice for you who want to relax and eat a snack. The price starts from Rp.9000,00 until Rp.150.000,00. Furthermore, kind of drinks such as Teh Poci, Teh Serai (tea with lemongrass), Teh Rosela, fruit juices or vegetable juices and Beras Kencur (herb) we can taste start from Rp.4.000,00 until Rp.18.500,00.

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Location of Gudeg Bu Tjitro

Gudeg Bu Tjitro is located in Jl.Janti 330 across from Jogja Expo Center (JEC). From Adi Sucipto airport and Kraton Yogyakarta, we can reach this restaurant in 10-15 minutes by motorcycle. Besides, provide delicious Gudeg and various menus, Gudeg Bu Tjitro also has a strategic location and easy access.


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