Gudeg Pawon

Photo : @shopalacoba

Tasting a plate of Gudeg with Krecek (spicy soft cooked beef skins) and a piece of chicken or egg is one of the activities that we can do. It will be more interesting when we enjoying the food by queuing and it from the kitchen (Pawon) directly.

Photo By @alcautsar

Cold weather that bone-piercing doesnt disturb my intention to tasting Gudeg Pawon that already famous. All the way I only find a quite traffic but in Jl. Jenturan there are lots of car and motorcycle parked in front of the house.

Characteristic of Gudeg Pawon is wet that still maintained until now. Based on Sumarwanto who is Ibu Prapto Widarsos son, characteristic of wet Gudeg will not be changed as the heritage that maintained its preservation. The kitchen (7x 9 meters) with soot on the wall is the concrete evidence of eternity of Gudeg Pawon Ibu Prapto Widarso. In this place, the rice still cooked by firewood.

Photo By @shopalacoba


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