Gudeg Mbarek Bu Ahmad

Photo : @gudegbuhjamad

Gudeg Mbarek Bu Ahmad is another famous and recommended places to eat Gudeg in Yogyakarta. To find this place we need to walk along Selokan Mataram until finding a brown big board on the north side near the faculty of Forestry, Gajah Mada University.

Photo By @gudegbuhjamad

Gudeg Bu Ahmad including as dry kind of Gudeg. The taste is sweeter than wet Gudeg. In the afternoon, this restaurant is crowded with the customers. They are eats in the restaurant or take it home in the form of a box.

The souvenir of Gudeg Mbarek Bu Ahmad

Photo By @gudegbuhjamad

Gudeg Bu Ahmad also receives orders for various events. Especially before or after the Eid feast, this restaurant crowd of customers not only from Yogyakarta but also from outside the town. Besides that, they make this Gudeg as a souvenir for their family


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