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For you who the meatball lover, it not complete if you havent taste chicken noodles and meatball Idolaku Pak Tikno that located in Taman Siswa west side of Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia. The large place, there is also a choice of seating use table and chair or not with large capacity, and adequate parking makes more enjoy to taste the food with big family or your friends.

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Chicken noodle and meatball Idolaku is in the top list of chicken noodle and meatball store legendary in Yogyakarta. It is rare a chicken noodle and meatball store that has a large place such as in this store. Its popularity makes this store always crowded with visitors; even they are willing to wait to taste the chicken noodles and meatball Idolaku. Even though, it not means the service is slow.

Photo By @ikiputri

Menus that offer in this store are meatball with different variants such as ribs meatball, complete meatball, meatball soup, chicken noodle with meatball, chicken noodle, and Tofu with meatball. Ribs meatball is the most delicious one. The gravy is tasty and fresh, with pieces ribs, meatball, and noodle. Besides that, the portion makes satisfied with ribs and soft meat. Chili and soy sauce added to makes it more delicious. Furthermore, there are ice orange, ice tea, ice Dawet, and ice Kopyor, and various kinds of juices for the drink with reasonable price.


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